Free Access to the Cloud Security Alliance Threat Intelligence Exchange


Operationalize Your CSA & OSINT Data

TruSTAR is the tech infrastructure that powers CSA's threat intelligence exchange. Our platform gives CSA members one central destination to analyze and enrich the most relevant data sources to you. 

With TruSTAR you can:

  • Ingest and operationalize intelligence from the CSA community and 20+ OSINT sources into your SIEM.
  • Surface your most relevant intelligence with custom Dashboards that mine historical incident data correlations to make faster, more informed decisions about relevant threats.
  • Search and navigate through the latest reports to access meta information like the number of IOCs extracted, excerpts of report content, correlation counts, time of submission, and other relevant high-level information.
  • Visualize correlations from the CSA listserv and OSINT data with intuitive UI and graph database technology.
  • Easily submit and share reports among CSA members, with built-in redaction features to remove sensitive PII.