Take Your CyberUSA Data To the Next Level With TruSTAR Enclaves


Operationalize Your CyberUSA & OSINT Data

TruSTAR is the tech infrastructure that powers CyberUSA's threat intelligence exchange. Our platform gives CyberUSA members one central destination to analyze and enrich the most relevant data sources to you by automatically ingesting shared intelligence and correlating is with 20+ OSINT data source options.

To get the best value from your CyberUSA data you can opt-in to TruSTAR Enclaves, which give your team access to third-party integrations and the ability to correlate your own data against CyberUSA's.

With a TruSTAR Enclave you can:

  • Automate correlation of your OWN cyber event data. See how the IT-ISAC data and OSINT feeds correlate with cyber events affecting your company. TruSTAR has custom integrations with most ticketing tools to get you the most value from your intelligence.
  • Permission your team with customized access. Interested in sharing intel across teams? Have a geographically disparate SOC? Private enclaves are the best way to offer varying levels of access to sensitive information while still sharing and surfacing the most relevant threat intelligence.